Internet by Satellite

High-speed Internet straight to your home

Using proven satellite technology, Tooway™ delivers fast Internet access straight to your home. More than 150 times faster than traditional dial-up, with a quality of service comparable to ADSL2, Tooway is an always-on broadband service for all your internet needs, whether it’s surfing the web, emailing, downloading music or watching videos.
With up to 20 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload speeds, there will be no frustration waiting around for your content or information to arrive on screen. Tooway™ gives you the best of user experience with cutting-edge technology embedded in your modem.

Flexible rates that fit any budget

Tooway™ offers high-speed Internet subscriptions starting from just €1 per day, for a service more than 150 times faster than traditional dial-up, at the quality of ADSL2, for a price comparable to ADSL.
Whether you need the Internet for you, your family, or your job there is a package perfect for you at an ultra competitive fixed price.
Tooway™ also offers additional features such as multi-channel television via the same dish, telephone calls via the Internet using VoIP and a wireless home network for accessing the internet anywhere from within your property without the need for cables. Just ask your local reseller for further information

100 % fast internet coverage across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin

Tooway™ is available to everyone across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin, with the same great quality no matter where you are. If you live in a rural area, there is no longer any need to pay for expensive connections from your home to an existing network or wait on the promise that a modern network will be built in your area. Because Tooway™ is delivered direct to your home, via satellite, our service is available to everyone immediately.

Just plug your satellite modem into your computer and connect!

It couldn’t be easier to get started with Tooway™. A small satellite dish is installed on the outside of your property. You then simply plug the satellite modem into your computer and you are ready to go. There is no telephone connection required and you can be using the Internet immediately after this simple set-up.

Tooway is environmentally friendly!

Satellite communication is probably the most ecological way to communicate over long distance today. It is the only way to reach isolated areas with high speed connectivity without having to install environmentally-expensive land lines or build complex ground infrastructure. Unlike other wired communication technologies that require energy-expensive civil engineering works to every house, a single satellite consumes little to no fuel to run and can serve entire continents.The satellite transmissions run on 100% solar energy and the complete satellite launch procedure, using hydrogen engines, generates about the same amount of CO2 as a normal US coast-to-coast aeroplane trip on a Boeing 747!

Service provided by the company

Note: Price list subject to change without notice.

 Tooway MTooway LTooway XL
Monthly fee29,90€*34,90€*54,90€*
Equipment rental---
Downloaduntil 20 Mbpsuntil 30 Mbpsuntil 50 mbps
Uploaduntil 3 Mbpsuntil 6 Mbpsuntil 6 mbps
Traffic / monthIlimitadoIlimitadoIlimitado
Fidelity12 months12 months12 months
Unlimited Night Traffic---
**Fair Access Policy ***Only indicative, subject to change
Prices include VAT