Heating of pellets and firewood



Repmikas performs installations of air and water heating systems, through various fuel systems: firewood, pellets, heating oil, ...

These days, it becomes necessary to have an efficient system, with little or no maintenance, that allows us to get home and have a warm environment.

The technology that exists today makes these needs possible.

At this time it is already possible to control the equipments remotely through the internet. So you can be at your work place and manage the lighting of your equipment so that when you get home it is already running and the environment is already warm, thus avoiding wasting time and unnecessary expenses.

Sanitary Water Heating Systems



In relation to Sanitary Water Heating Systems (AQS) we also carry out root installations or complement existing facilities.

It is possible to monetize the heating equipment to the maximum for greater economy, that is, someone who owns a solar system of AQS can complement it with a heating boiler.

So in summer there is hot water coming from the sun and during the winter it takes advantage of the boiler that makes the heating of the house to have hot water also for baths and other utilities, thus dispensing with the cost of other energies such as gas.


This profitability of resources results in a medium-term economy.


We are official dealer of Mitsubishi airconditioning hardware.